Terms & Conditions
*10% Discount on Weekdays & 5% Discount on Weekend, Public Holiday & New Year Eve.*
*5% Discount for all the eve day & 1st to 15th day of Chinese New Year, Mother's Day & Father's Day.*
A Fees of RM 12.00 will be charges at the time of application for life time purpose.
  Members must present the Card to the cashier before every transaction.
  A fee of RM 10 will be charged for a replacement card.
  No discount applicable for all promotional, beers & seasonal sets.
  Shabu Garden Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to omit, add or amend the Shabu Garden Privilege Card Terms and Conditions with no prior notice. Any new or amended terms and conditions will override the existing Shabu Garden Card Terms and Conditions.
    * Terms & Conditions apply.

Being a member of ShabuGarden has yet more rewards from our restaurant, ShabuGarden and Shabu Garden branches. Our Restaurant ShabuGarden is pleased to be able to provide card carrying members with special offers and discounts with Malaysia famous Japanese style steamboat, as well as with other Shabu restaurants providers around Malaysia.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for details of the discounts and special offers available to ShabuGarden Members Privilege Card Holders.

With ShabuGarden promoting your company to our network you will have access to 300+ member businesses - from large multi-nationals to small and medium sized enterprises; the Malaysian Business Community in Malaysia. All participating vendors will benefit from one full years exposure in each of our communication channels as well.

Please contact info@shabugarden.com and become part of this great offer!